Saving the American Republic

Version one was written in March of 2021 - on since then. This is version two from May 13th of 2023. Also on the teaparty site.


Almost everywhere you look you see people calling for some action to counter the destruction of American constitutional values signaled most prominently by the stolen 2020 election, the refusal to prosecute antifa and BLM rioters, and the contrasting persecution of the January 6th, 2020 protesters. What you don't see, however, is any mass movement on our side in support of the few dedicated people fighting this in the courts and state legislatures.

Five notes:

  1. This is an updated version of an article first published as "Save the Republic" on May 13th of 2021 by .
  2. I say "our side" but I'm Canadian - not American. On the other hand the Canadian interest is obvious: if the U.S. goes fascist, what's left of democracy in Canada is going to be collateral damage.
  3. Considerable progress has been made since the spring of 2021. Most importantly the zeitgeist has changed: in May of 2021 most Americans were willing to believe that other Americans really had voted Biden and the democrats into power - and that belief colored their willingness to believe that the January 6th protest in Washington actually was an attempted insurrection - but that is no longer true. A majority of Americans now feel that something has gone very wrong: that their physical and financial security is at risk; that they can no longer say what they think; and that Biden's partisans are looting the country while blithely tearing down the American dream.
  4. Since the most probable outcome of a serious effort to implement the strategy outlined here is the widespread recognition that the Trump/Pence ticket won handily in 2020, the process described below will create strong incentives for conservatives everywhere to unite behind a "Trump Now, maybe de Santis later" compromise.
  5. There are reasons for acting now that go beyond minimizing the damage being done by Biden's executive orders, the near total disregard for law and tradition across the administration, and the run-away persecution of normies by the woke across the country. Warding off World War III is, for example, a good reason to act now - as are closing the borders and re-establishing the concept of equality before the law both across the country in general and specifically in the cases of the 600 or so people being harshly and unfairly punished for taking part in the January 6th, 2021, protest.

The plan is to take the fight directly to those in control of the democratic party, and beat them. It is difficult and time consuming, but legal, peaceful, and now almost certain to trigger a public preference cascade against the democrats if fully carried out.

The ultimate goal is to save the republic by enabling a majority of Americans to discover that their views are majority views: that the vast majority of Americans detest virtually everything the leadership of today's democratic party is imposing on the country.

Achieving this requires recognizing that a fish rots from the head: that forcing a real senate trial on the issue of electoral fraud and abuse in 2020 and 2022 by using the congressional impeachment process against both Biden and Harris will bring all the major issues into sharp focus; expose and dethrone the billionaire puppeteers behind the Biden administration's actions; and, lead to the removal of people like Lloyd Austin, John Kerry, and Merrick Garland from positions of trust.

Notice that the trigger word here is "impeachment" but impeachment is not the point: the point is to force the senate to mount a fair and public trial on the issue of democratic party fraud in the 2020 and 2022 elections in part because it makes no sense to put effort into winning in 2024 and later years if fraud can now routinely turn a red wave into pink froth, but mainly because doing so freezes the current downward spiral in its tracks.

The grounds for their impeachment and removal from office are obvious: Biden is on video bragging about electoral fraud and numerous organizations around the country have offered reasonable proof of local and state wide fraud in their areas - and because they ran as a joint ticket it is not possible for Harris to have been legally elected if Biden wasn't.


It is possible, of course, that a fair trial will find them not guilty - proving that Americans did vote them into office. I do not, however, see any prospect of it happening: in my opinion the Trump/Pence ticket, at least 14 representatives, and two senators lost their elections to fraud in 2020 - and the 2022 scenario was even worse.

Basically, the Navarro reports from 2020 seem definitive to me, the Time article looks a lot like democrats publicly counting coup on the losers, and the Kari Lake people along with dozens of other groups, like True the Vote and Project Veritas/Okeefe Media Group, have uncovered more than enough electoral cheating and subsequent judicial malfeasance to destroy anyone's faith in many democrat "victories" across the country.

Success (forcing the trial and keeping it fair) may sound improbable and achieving it certainly won't be easy, but forcing the senate to mount the trial the courts refused will freeze the current slide to national destruction in its tracks: the administration will be on hold for the duration and a guilty verdict will mean that everything Biden has signed or promised to sign, from his deeply anti-American executive orders to Pelosi's spending extravaganza, would be nullified; the state delegations in the house will select a president; Americans will have their republic (and prosperity) back; some senior democrats in the party, the deep state, and the media/tech giants will be headed to court; the war in the Ukraine will stop; China won't invade Russia or India, Taiwan will remain independent; and, the world can hope to avoid a nuclear holocaust in the middle east.

But how? Unrelenting pressure. Specifically: recognize that conservatives have overwhelming majority support in the country and focus that majority first on democrats and rinos in the house to get the trial; and then on democrats and rinos in the senate to make that trial fair, full, and public. For both houses start wherever we have volunteers but preferentially focus first on the weakest democrats and work up from there to go after all of them.

Given the state of both the house and the senate applying pressure to the weakest with an obvious and credible commitment to expanding the process to the strongest should generate the required effect - yes votes first on the impeachment, then on the trial, and finally on removal of the guilty.

The tactical plan is to apply pressure from two directions: continual, high visibility, public demonstrations and low visibility contacts by political players and local influencers.

The low profile contacts have to come from within the Trumpian GOP and cover all the obvious stuff including promising unopposed re-election in 2024, special funding, and whatever else seems appropriate to the person targeted.

The public demonstrations have to be positively Gandhian in their commitment to non violence, continuous, massive, and ubiquitous - while the posters, signs, tweets, and media briefings that go with them need to hammer away at a small number of obvious things:

  1. we're not trying to overturn a legal election, we're trying to force a public investigation of the 2020 and 2022 electoral results because all Americans have a right to know that the people in power are the people they voted for;
  2. electoral cheating threatens democracy;
  3. media (and big tech) censorship threatens democracy;
  4. most cases brought by losing GOP campaigns are dismissed rather than heard; but those few heard on the facts have generally favored the republicans;
  5. representatives work for the district, not their party;
  6. senators represent the interest of their states, not those of their party;
  7. masquerading (acting like a conservative at home, but as a liberal in Washington) is actively dishonest and so an indictment of character;

    Right now a majority of rinos and a significant minority of democrats do this: they gain election as fiscal or social conservatives - often citing military records in support - but then show their true values by acting in lockstep support for progressive causes in Washington. Thus our goal here is to make that behavior untenable by exposing it to the home voter;

  8. and, of course, we keep asking why, if there was no significant fraud, they're so opposed to a hearing on the facts.

Organizing and managing this process will be a challenge. With President Trump's support the GOP can handle the quiet stuff easily and effectively. Managing the demonstrations in the face of media and tech censorship is harder, but they can be beaten at their own game using simple custom websites - one for each district - and lots of volunteer demonstrators.

The web infrastructure strategy is simple: register a group name like ""; create 435 sub-sites like (i.e. Minnesota District 2) each hosted and run by people in the district; use the main site to support and co-ordinate all 435 specific sites, and use the specific sites to organize and co-ordinate community activities like demonstrations, parades, sit-ins, etc.

To see what kind of software I have in mind for this and learn something about how it can be used please take a look at these pages put up by the people who developed OpenSocial.

Key phrase: "Mobilize and activate your volunteers to drive real-world change"

(There is a a very rough, and temporary, first approximation demo site from May 2021 available for review.)

The OpenSocial people are moving to commercialize their product, but the free and open source version does everything we need - and, of course, in the open source world there are always other choices.

(A note about costs: a typical AT&T or Verison fibre link with one static IP suitable for use in one district runs around $145 a month; all the required software is free; and, the volume limits imposed by a 100MBS home or small business fibrelink (about 200 concurrent users - typically around 8,000 registered users) mean that a mid range used Dell or other Xeon workstation (about $800 including monitor) can handle the load.)

The core idea behind district level activities is to take a page or two out of the democrat playbook: skip the violence, arson, looting, mobbing, and threats to family members; but get in their faces 24 x 7. Every congress critter has a district or state office - so picket that, every single day. Every congress critter has a Washington office - so everyone traveling to Washington from the district or state tries to make an appointment and certainly parades around the critter's congressional office demanding access to his or her representative (or senator). Every Congress critter meets with local donors and attends local events, so picket those - bottom line: in their faces, 24 x 7, no let-up; no mercy.

Similarly, every district and state has local media: radio, TV, print, and internet news or discussion sites so frequent tweets on multiple forums along with daily press releases and phone calls contrasting what the congress critter says or does in Washington to the persona presented to the home electorate can be combined with condemnation on hot button issues (e.g. WOKE acquiescence or support) and calls to patriotism, duty, and local pride to build awareness - and pressure the congress critter.

The media and their big tech colleagues will, of course, try to hide this activity from the public: but we are the public and the movement will grow every day until they have to cover it: first locally and tentatively, then nationally and negatively, but eventually with enough volume to be heard by the congress critter's backers, influencers, and paymasters. The attacks on us will be personal, unending, and vicious; especially for organizers and the first volunteers to take to the streets - but shrugging it all off is what we admire most about Trump, what our grand children will eventually remember us for, and is infinitely to be preferred to the bloodshed that will come if the current fascist takeover is allowed to continue.


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